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RIP Wojtas/Homomilitia :'(
« : 14:00:33 - 23.03.2021 »

Homomilitian lyyrikko-laulaja ja tekno-dj Wojtek Krawczyk (s. 1970) kuoli lauantaina koronaan. Rakkaita muistoja bändistä ysäriltä.  :'(

Today COVID took the life of Wojtas. He was an important and beloved person for the whole diy scene in Poland. From the beginning Wojtas together with Homomilitia  loudly stood against sexism and homophobia and addressed those issues during their shows. With his band Homomilitia that formed about 90/91 he was also one of the first very outspoken gay punks. Later Wojtas has been active as a DJ in the Technoscene.
He has changed the minds of thousands of people. This was in times when most people had no clue what homophobia or sexism even means. His dedication and positive attitude pawed the way for many anarchafeminist and queer punx in Poland and also helped initiatives like Emancypunx to raise.

We were happy, that we had the chance to work with him during the Noc Walpurgii festival, were he performed twice (with his band in 97´ and as a DJ in 2010). His band also came out on the festivals CD.

We feel a huge loss and it’s hard to describe in any words. Wojtas died way too early.

We want to do express our deepest condolences to all of Wojtas Friends, lovers and family!

We will keep Wojtas in our hearts forever!

Really sad news 😢😢😢
the legendary polish Dj Wojti has passed away from Covid this morning.
He was only 50 years old.

He was really quiet and kind guy , always smiling.
I had a lot respect for him as a Dj but also human being. ❤️
We played many times together since more than 17 years in many places in Poland like Pilon/Torun ,Krakow ,Wrocław ,
Poznan ,Katowice and also many events in Czech Republic .
I can tell he was the ambassador of the acid techno in Poland and a major actor/artist of the polish freetekno scene, member and co-founder of AutonomA sound system 🖤
He was also the singer of Homomilitia,famous HC punk band activist in the 90's and pioneer in the fight against homophobia.

All my deepest condolences to his family and friends...

Będzie nam Ciebie bardzo brakowało Wojtas <3
Rave In Peace Bro 🎧🎧🖤🖤

@Wojtek Wojti Krawczyk 🖤
R.I.P 19.12.1970 - 20.03.2021
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Vs: RIP Wojtas/Homomilitia :'(
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"Homofobia" (Niszcz Rasizm, Ale Najpierw W Swojej Głowie -kasetti, 1995)

Live 1996:

Live 1991:


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Vs: RIP Wojtas/Homomilitia :'(
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Tärkee hahmo, RIP :'(

Tulikin mieleen, että tuo viime vuonna julkaistu levy vielä täysin kuuntelemati, joten soimaan se siis.