pe 9.9. Reykjavik DIY live & discussion: Bjarni Daníel, DJ Ræna banka

Aloittaja kuka tahansa, 22:51:51 - 07.09.2022

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Perjantaina 9.9. klo 18–20 Kirjakahvila saa islantilaisia vieraita, kun Reykjavikin Post-dreifing-taidekollektiivissa toimivat Bjarni Daníel ja DJ Ræna banka vetävät ensin keskustelun radikaaleista tiloista ja kulttuuritoiminnan merkityksestä yhteisöllisyyden rakentamisessa ja sitten heittävät vielä livekeikat alkuillan päätteeksi.


18.00 talk: DIY/DIT cultural work and radical community building
19.00 live: Bjarni Daníel | lo-fi acoustic indie, Reykjavik
19.30 live: DJ Ræna banka | electronic, Reykjavik

This Friday, 9 September, two artists from Reykjavík, Iceland pay a visit to Turku's iconic Kirjakahvila. Bjarni Daníel & DJ Ræna banka have been heavily involved in Reykjavík's vibrant DIT grassroots cultural scene for several years and will attempt to showcase what it's all about in a sort of Show & Tell. Beginning with an open discussion about DIY/DIT cultural work and radicalism, and concluding with two distinctly different live performances, they hope to start a dialog about alternative platforms, collectivization and its affects on creative expression, as well as community building through DIY cultural work.


Bjarni Daníel

Bjarni Daníel's work is an open inquiry into the ugliness of the mundane. Already an accomplished songwriter at the age of 24, Bjarni's musical endeavours have been as diverse as they've been many, resulting in a strangely incoherent catalogue of tracks, that find their place together as part of their intrinsically intimate solo performances.

Bjarni's lyrics are characterized by a certain straightforward-ness, crafting a patchwork of everyday images and experiences which gain significance in each other's company: "the ugliest color in the world / according to some survey / is green-ish / i always found it to be pretty, beautiful"

Stemming from Reykjavík, Iceland's vibrant grassroots scene, Bjarni Daníel has been a prolific voice within what has become an internationally acclaimed movement of experimentation and cultural, as well as political, radicalism. Be it as songwriter for one of their numerous bands (Supersport!, Bagdad Brothers & many more), as program director and DJ at the Icelandic national radio (RÚV) or as organizer within local music and arts collective Post-dreifing, most of their work to date has been heavily centered around extensive collaboration with other artists.

This fall Bjarni tries something entirely different – performing alone – but their goals remain the same: building community, writing their truth through song & killing all fascists.

DJ Ræna banka

Budding in the fertile soil of the grassroots scene of Reykjavík Iceland, DJ Ræna banka is breaking out of its seed in 2022!

Certainly expressing the day-to-day anxieties induced by contemporary society, the main focus of DJ Ræna banka sets remains friendships and togetherness – our only successful antidote to the alienation of life under late stage capitalism.

Delivered in an emotion-laden and energetic, yet sincere, anti-perfectionist manner, DJ Ræna banka's performances are characterized by live coding, open improvisations and his trademark 'speed-run' DJ sets.



Esteettömyydestä: Brinkkalan sisäpiha on päällystetty mukulakivillä. Kahvilatilaan on kaksi rappusta ylös ja kaksi alas, ei ramppia. Kahvilassa on sukupuolittamattomat mutta pyörätuoleille esteelliset WC:t. Ostopakkoa ei ole, eikä vesi ja vessojen käyttö maksa mitään. Vältäthän hajusteiden käyttöä.

Tarkempia esteettömyystietoja:

Turvallisemman tilan politiikka: Kunnioita jokaisen itsemäärittelyä. Älä koske, tuijota, valokuvaa tai kysy henkilökohtaisia asioita ilman suostumusta. Käytä henkilöstä hänen käyttämäänsä nimeä ja pronominia. Jos joku tai jokin häiritsee sinua tai jos havaitset häirintää, ilmoita Kirjakahvilan henkilökunnalle.



Accessibility: The Brinkkala courtyard is paved with round cobblestones. Two steps up and two down lead into the café. Toilets are not gendered, but also not wheelchair accessible. There is no obligation to buy, and water and the use of toilets are always free to all. Please avoid using scents.

Safer space policy: Respect everyone's self-identification. Do not touch, stare, take pictures, or ask personal questions without consent. Address everyone with the name and pronoun they use of themself. If anyone or anything makes you feel uncomfortable or if you witness harassment, please contact the Kirjakahvila staff.

kuka tahansa

"Post-dreifing [is] a thriving Reykjavik art collective that's 30+ artists strong and growing. They have no specific genre or aesthetic: members include indie bands, riot grrrl punks, synth-pop songwriters, thrash rockers, hardcore heads, ambient wizards, and techno nuts. Instead, they are all united beneath a core set of principles that are rooted in anarchism: self-sufficiency, community, and collaboration.

Iceland has a history for this kind of thing. You could say the entire alternative music scene here was born from the anarcho-punk wave of the 1980s, which had links to UK bands like Crass and peaked when a heavily pregnant 20-year-old Björk performed live on TV as the singer in KUKL.

[- -]

Post-dreifing don't ascribe to the music industry's core principle of what's good is what sells. They don't care if it sells. And they rarely charge for tickets or music, preferring a pay-what-you-want model. Perhaps it's naive and idealistic to think this is sustainable, but for two years now it has worked, and it is only growing."