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  • Kokeellisen musiikin klubi: Sergei Tumanov ja [ówt krì]: 12.04.2019

Kirjoittaja Aihe: Kirjis pe 12.4. Kokeellisen musiikin klubi: Sergei Tumanov ja [ówt krì]  (Luettu 100 kertaa)

Sergei Tumanov ja [ówt krì] perjantaina 12.4.2019 Kokeellisen musiikin klubilla Turun Kirjakahvilassa klo 20-23.30. Molemmat artistit soittavat omien soolosettiensä lisäksi yhteissetin. Artistiesittelyt alla englannin kielellä. Lämpimästi tervetuloa!

Sergei Tumanov (Saliatahn) is a sound artist from Melbourne, Australia. He is known for using field recordings in his music and exploring the contribution between an artist and his environment.

Sergei is regularly performing in Australia, Europe and Russia and also taking part in art festivals and exhibitions (both as a sound and a video artist).  There are more than 30 releases around the world, that Sergei has contributed to.

Sergei is also a founder of NCTMMRN (Australian based independent record label) and co-founder of UNDER SOUND (video label dedicated to different forms of visual art).


[ ówt krí ] is the main creative project for Kenneth Kovasin, a sound artist from Helsinki, Finland. His first digital release was published in 2006 and the first CD-album, carrying the name The New Seed, was published by Alrealon Musique in 2013.

The first [ ówt krí ] live shows became reality in the following year. After some digital and cassette releases, the second CD called Pilgrimage was published in 2015 by Erototox Decoding. Since then, the project has played a multitude of domestic shows along with gigs in Sweden, Estonia and the East Coast of the United States.

The project's latest release as of November 2018 is the self released CD "Ximenes".


Facebook-tapahtuma: https://www.facebook.com/events/364204404179543/
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