Kirjoittaja Aihe: SM/DP -CD / NEKOREKORDS 2017  (Luettu 317 kertaa)


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« : 18:06:38 - 13.11.2017 »
Tässä lontooksi ku oon laiska. Kyseessä meluisaa elektroniikkaa.

SM/DP : Fault-Tolerant System -CD

“SM/DP is electronic contamination music.
A long distance collaboration between Suorsa Marko / Dassum Pentti, two contemporaries of electronic music, who have a similar sense of deconstruction, composition, execution and detail.
Here we have 1% junk noise and 99% computer music, spectrogranular synthesis, modular patch feedback loops, sample scanning manipulations and a variety of processing techniques (GRM Tools, Hourglass, Reaktor, etc etc).
An uncomfortable balance between academic sterility and a fist in a blender.
File under electroacoustic noise and insekt elektronix.”

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