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Heinäkuu = International Zine Month
« : 14:22:37 - 02.07.2014 »


    Get Ready!

    - Sign in to & write about IZM
    - Sign up for 24 hour zine challenge (
    - Use ‪#‎IZM2014‬ when writing online about International Zine Month[/li][/list]


    01.07. Make a Top 10 list of reasons why your love zines!

    02.07. Re-read your favorite zines – Let’s remember why we fell in love with zines in the first place!

    03.07. Zine Distro Appreciation Day! Order from a zine distro

    04.07. Read a zine from a country other than your own: There are so many fantastic zines from around the world!

    05.07. Teach yourself a new zine skill: learn how to book bind, make a 1 page zine, photocopier art, etc.

    06.07. Check out and add your zine or update existing entries.

    07.07. Make some envelopes or postcards for postal week

    08.07. Make a flyer for your zine to send with trades or orders and see if other people will trade for stacks of them so you can all promote each other.

    09.07. Write a letter to a zine maker that you don’t know

    10.07. Send a care package to a zine friend

    11.07. Make some mail art!

    12.07. Send your zine out to be reviewed

    13.07. Zine Trade Day! Ask someone if they would like to trade zines with you.

    14.07. ValenZINE’s Day! Write to (or write to your zine crush!)

    15.07. Leave a zine in public for someone else to find: leave your zine at a bus stop, bathroom, waiting room, or anywhere else someone will find it!

    16.07. Send your zine to a distro for consideration

    17.07. Review a zine online or write a review to share

    18.07. Order from a different zine distro than usual

    19.07. Zine Shop appreciation day! Try to find a local shop that sells zine or see if you can get a local store to stock zines!

    20.07. Free Zine Day! Give your zine away to someone.

    21.07. International Zine Library Day! Visit your local zine library!

    22.07. Send your zine to a zine library

    23.07. Make a 1 page zine. Here are some instructions.

    24.07. Organize your zine collection

    25.07. Teach a friend or family member about zines

    26.07. Submit something to a compilation zine

    27.07. Organize a zine event! any size! big or small!

    28.07. Cook with a recipe from a zine or cook zine!

    29.07. Post photo of you with your zine or zinecollection.

    30.07. Read some zines! Lay in bed & read zines all day if you can

    31.07. HallowZINE! Remember zines and zinesters that are no longer with us. Light a candle at the virtual HallowZine shrine.

    - Read a zine everyday
    - Attend a zine event
    - Do a 24 hour zine: sign up at
    - Post your progress on your blog or on We Make Zines
    - Draw a comic a day then release a comic zine
    - Write about your progress daily online

    Here’s the activity poster for 2014 International Zine Month: print off your own copy!